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Jamu is one resourceful culture in the nation. the sign of nation growth and development in an ecosystem. It takes advantage of the relationship between humans and all its knick-knacks with the universe from the greatest creator.

Jamu  is a symbol of love between humans and the universe as well as between humans and others. The basic ingredients of Jamu are plants, and then given a touch of form by humans. Each plant family has its own benefits that can provide healing, health and vitality.

There are numerous types of jamu that can be found from the western to eastern part of Indonesia. There is uniformity of function from these herbs, it can be for healing form to maintaining a healthy form. Some of them come from the same plant species, although the planting pattern is different. It is quite fascinating that from one area to another, these nutritious plants turn out to have many names, proving how jamu is the daily life of Indonesian people.

Unfortunately, not much left for this treatment culture. Modernity almost overrides it for the reasons of impracticality and human desire that wants everything to be instant. Modern medicine provides everything fast paced, while traditional medicine sharpens and enlightens evolutionary processes in life. Jamu does not heal immediately but it is like life that goes on slowly appreciating every element of the process. Therefore, Jamu will not give an immediate healing effect, but it will go through the stages of various life actions that should be carried out.

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