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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a commitment from Cerita Jamu to respect and protect any personal data or information of users of the website, its derivative websites, and applications.

This Privacy Policy (along with the terms of use as stated in the Terms & Conditions and other information listed on the website) establishes the basis for the acquisition, collection, alteration, deletion and/or all forms of management related to data or information that identifies or can be used to identify Users. provided to Cerita Jamu or its associates (referred as "Personal Data").

Personal Data Collection

Cerita Jamu collects User's Personal Data with the aim of processing User transactions, managing and expediting the process of using the Site, as well as other purposes as long as permitted by the applicable laws and regulations. The User data collected is as follows:

  1. Data submitted independently by the User, including but not limited to data submitted when the User:

    • create or update an account;

    • contact Cerita Jamu;

    • fill out a survey sent by Cerita Jamu or its associates;

    • interact with other Users;

    • use the services on the website, including data when attending classes, detailed transaction data, and other services;

    • fill in payment details.

  2. Data that is recorded when the User uses the Cerita Jamu website, but is no exception to:

    • real or approximate location data such as IP address, Wi-fi location and geo-location;

    • data in the form of time from each User activity;​

    • User preferences or usage data, including User interactions in using the website, saved choices, and selected settings. The data is obtained using cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies;

    • device data.

  3. Data obtained from other sources but is no exception to:

    • data in the form of email, telephone number, name, gender, and/or date of birth;​

    • data from financial service providers.

Cerita Jamu can combine data obtained from these sources with other data it has.

Use of Personal Data

Cerita Jamu may use Personal Data obtained and collected from Users as mentioned in the previous section for the following matters:

  1. Process all forms of requests, activities or transactions made by Users through the website, including for the purpose of sending products to Users.

  2. The provision of features to deliver, deliver, maintain and improve our products and services, including:

    • offer, obtain, provide, and facilitate services such as home pages, searches, product recommendations, or other products through the website;

    • perform internal activities required to provide services on the website or application of the Cerita Jamu.

  3. Assist Users when communicating with Cerita Jamu customer service.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Cerita Jamu is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of User Personal Data which is under the control of Cerita Jamu and guarantees that there is no disclosure, sale, transfer of User Personal Data to third parties, without the consent of the User, except in the following cases:

  1. It is necessary to disclose the User's Personal Data to partners or third parties who assist Cerita Jamu in providing available services or services that will later be available on the website and process all forms of User activity on the website;

  2. Cerita Jamu may provide User's Personal Data to partners or third parties in accordance with User's consent to use the services of such partners;

  3. Cerita Jamu can provide User Personal Data to vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms/institutions, or similar service providers in the context of marketing activities carried out, improving and maintaining the quality of Cerita Jamu services and other publication activities;

  4. Cerita Jamu may provide User Personal Data to its subsidiaries and affiliates to help provide services or perform data processing for and on behalf of Cerita Jamu.


  1. Cookies are small files that will automatically take place on the User's device that performs the function of storing User references and configurations while visiting a website.

  2. These cookies are not intended to be used when accessing other data that the User has on the User's computer, other than what the User has agreed to submit.

  3. Although the User's computer device will automatically accept cookies, the User can make the choice to make modifications through the User's browser settings.

  4. Cerita Jamu uses features like Google Analytics to obtain data such as age, gender, User requests and other information. The data is used for the development of features, facilities, and/or content contained on the Cerita Jamu website;

  5. Cerita Jamu can use services provided by third parties in order to improve the services and content of Cerita Jamu.

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