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Term and Condition

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The terms and conditions set out below govern the use of the products and services offered by Cerita Jamu and/or its associates in relation to the use of the www. website. Users are advised to read carefully because it can have an impact on the rights and obligations of users under the law.

By registering and/or using the site, the user is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all contents in the Terms and Conditions. The following provisions are an integral part of each other and cannot be separated from each other.

Term and Condition - Jamu Classes

  1. All materials, content, videos, photos, audio contained in the Jamu Classes service are copyright of Cerita Jamu or its designated association.

  2. In using the services at Jamu Classes, users are required to comply with the rules regarding property rights/copyright where they may not record, disseminate, purchase or sell the copyright without the approval of the Cerita Jamu legal party or their designated association.

  3. All violations of piracy or the use of copyright will be processed legally in accordance with applicable regulations in Indonesia.

  4. Regarding the registration of the Jamu class as follows:

    • Orders via the Cerita Jamu website, participants do not need to re-confirm.

    • Orders via WhatsApp must be re-confirmed via WhatsApp at the following number: 0817 205 305 (Zara).

  5. In terms of preparation before taking Jamu classes as follows:

    • A few days before the class is held, we will send an email to class participants to inform the equipment and materials that need to be prepared to take on the class. Participants can also get jamu ingredients and equipment needed to take classes from the Cerita Jamu Shop.

  6. Regarding the cancellation and rescheduling of Jamu Classes as follows:

    • If the cancellation of Jamu Class is made no later than D-1 before the class takes place, participants can reschedule 1 time. If the participant is unable to attend the herbal medicine class and does not confirm the cancellation at the latest D-1, then we cannot refund the class fee that has been paid.

Term and Condition - Cerita Jamu Shop

  1. All goods / products sold at the Cerita Jamu Shop have gone through a process of clinical testing and quality checks according to strict and standard standards.

  2. When making a purchase of goods / products, the buyer agrees and is responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing to the information / description of the entire goods (including and without exception on color, quality, function, size, and others).

  3. The buyer acknowledges that the actual color of the product as seen on the website or application of the Cerita Jamu depends on the computer monitor or the screen of the buyer's cellphone. Cerita Jamu makes its best efforts to ensure the colors in the photos or videos displayed are as accurate as possible with the physical goods.

  4. In terms of payment methods, Cerita Jamu provides several methods, namely:

    • Xendit

      • Virtual Account (Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Permata Bank)​

      • e-Wallet (OVO, Dana, ShopeePay, LinkAja)

      • Retail Outlets (Alfamart)

  5. In terms of delivery of goods, Cerita Jamu uses several couriers, namely:

    1. GoSend​​​ (wilayah tertentu)

    2. Grab (wilayah tertentu)

    3. Kurir ekspedisi lain

Term and Condition - Member Area (Login)

  1. By registering as a member on, the user has complied with the applicable policies.

  2. Cerita Jamu without prior notification to members, have the authority to take necessary actions for any violation of the applicable Terms and Conditions, namely by suspending the account and/or closing the member's account.

  3. Users are prohibited from creating and/or using devices, software and/or other tools that aim to manipulate the Cerita Jamu system.

  4. User hereby declares that Cerita Jamu and/or its associates are not responsible for any losses or problems arising from misuse of User accounts caused by User negligence.

  5. Cerita Jamu will not ask for usernames, passwords belonging to User accounts, therefore Cerita Jamu urges Users not to provide such data to any party.

  6. Cerita Jamu always maintains the confidentiality of the User's account username and password.

Term of Payment

  1. ​Payment procedures apply to all methods provided on this Cerita Jamu website.

  2. All payment systems use secure payments so that the data you enter is safe.

  3. The process of ordering, paying, sending, and submitting questions will be very easy if you first login to the Cerita Jamu website and fill in your biodata and address on the member page.

  4. The payment methods provided on the Cerita Jamu website are as follows:

    • XENDIT (virtual account, e-Wallet, Retail Outlets)​

      • Virtual Account:​

        1. Choose one of your bank accounts to make a payment (Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Permata Bank)​

        2. Write down the Cerita Jamu Virtual Account account number and the nominal payment listed on the payment page

        3. This page can still be opened / even if it is closed it will not eliminate the ongoing order and payment process

        4. You have 24 hours to pay before the order is automatically canceled

        5. Payments can be made through applications that have been provided by each bank or through ATMs

        6. In the application / ATM, make a payment transfer by entering the virtual account number and nominal that has been previously recorded

        7. If you enter a nominal that does not match the one listed above, the payment will not be accepted / will not be processed to the next stage, so make sure the nominal you enter is appropriate

        8. After the payment is successful, your order will be automatically entered and will be processed

        9. All purchases can be rechecked on your account at Cerita Jamu or you will receive a notification in the form of an email.

      • e-Wallet:

        1. Select an e-wallet account that you want to use for payment (OVO, Dana, ShopeePay, LinkAja)​

        2. Enter the mobile number registered to the e-wallet account that you choose

        3. You will be redirected to the e-wallet application of your choice

        4. Authentication is required from the application, so prepare your mobile phone along with the selected e-wallet application

        5. Payment will be made to the Cerita Jamu e-wallet account according to the nominal value

        6. After the payment is successful, your order will be automatically entered and will be processed

        7. All purchases can be rechecked on your account at Cerita Jamu or you will receive a notification in the form of an email.

      • Retail Outlets:

        1. Select the outlets you want to use as payment processing

        2. In the payment process, you will be given a code for payment and the nominal according to the order

        3. Make payment at the selected outlet by showing the payment code

        4. After the payment is successful, your order will be automatically entered and will be processed

        5. All purchases can be rechecked on your account at Cerita Jamu or you will receive a notification in the form of an email.

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